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Hello Erik,

 I was so excited to get my platelet count yesterday and my oncologist was also very surprised 483,000.

 A little history. I have been dealing with this since 1999. Jan 2004 it flared up and the patechia developed on arms and legs along with many bruises.  Of course prednisone was prescribed.  June 7, 2004 platelet's dropped to 6000 and I was hospitalized and had huge doses of prednisone and IV gamagobulins,(sp) In July they dropped again and a Spleenectomy was at the time  the choice made for Aug 3, 2004. On the day of surgery my platelets were over 1 million. September 7 platelets were down again to 70,000. Three days later they were 18,000. This is when prednisone was again prescribed and I found you and the herbs.

 When I spoke to you on Sunday, September 12 I was very bruised and Patechia covered my legs and neck and my mouth had developed the bubble of blood.  I was on 40mg.of prednisone and bruising more each day. I received the herbs on Tuesday Sep14 and read the info and took the evening dosage. By Thursday morning the mouth bubbles were gone. By Saturday the patechia on my legs and the bruises were disappearing.  I had also been cutting the dosage of prednisone since I started the herbs to 10mg a day.  One week after I started I am very happy to be almost bruise free and with a more than expected count. I expect to continue to see the results.

 The doctor said he will believe the herbs worked if my count stays up. He is open to the information I brought him. I am also not on any prednisone. I believe with many prayers I found this product and the blessings continue. I was so excited I wanted to tell you.

Thank you,


I am so glad that I found your ITP Kit on the Internet.  My mother was hospitalized with very low platelets, only 4K.  Her doctor told me because of her age and condition there was nothing to do but wait for her to pass away.  I am glad that I did not listen to their advices and started giving her the ITP kit with the Agrimonia booster.  She was home from the hospital after only one week and now has platelets at 39K and climbing after only 4 weeks. 


- L. Allen, NY 

Good Morning Erik,

How are you? Baby and I are doing great, keeping my fingers crossed!!!!! I am feeling MUCH better, finally got rid of those annoying red spots. I wish I would have found you 2 years ago!! I do want to keep taking the ITP Kit through my pregnancy, just to remain healthy and to avoid any complications. And if you can recommend any other supplements, I'm all ears =)  I love the new catalog, it's wonderful!!! Great Job Guys!!! I let my boss look through it (he suffers from diabetes) and my Mom is waiting her turn (she suffers from chronic hep C) I do have one question on the blood well, did you guys change the formula or something b/c the pills are white now? Just checking

Wish me luck, we are going to go see our baby for the first time's Ultra Sound Day!!!!!

God Bless,

Irelda & Baby

was diagnosed with ITP in March 2002 with a platelet count of 23K and was put on Prednisone for six months with little to no success. I then was given WinRho injections which did increase my platelet counts to greater than 200K. Unfortunately, my platelets would steadily decline to levels less than 50K within a few months of receiving the injections. I started using Get Well International’s ITP combo pack in September of 2002 and have had great success. Over the past year and a half my platelet counts have stabilized around 80K without any treatment other than the ITP combo pack. Thank you.

- - H.D., Canada

Here are a few words to tell you that last Sunday, June 15th, I started the ITP combo and on the 20th, I was scheduled to have WinRho since I had it 5 weeks ago, and it was time to get the next short. To my surprise before getting the shot, I got the blood analysis and my platelets were up to 133K!!! Two weeks before I had an 116K count and normally by this time they would be down around 75K, that is why I prescheduled for WinRho. As you can see it was not necessary this time. I’m very happy with this result.

- - Gladys, NC

I was diagnosed with ITP in November of 2001 with a platelet count of 9K. I started taking Prednisone and decided to look for other available treatment options since a splenectomy and IVIG did not appeal to me. I began taking the ITP combo in March of 2002 from Get Well International. My platelet count after I started the herbs fluctuated between 40K – 60K. I was still taking low dosages of Prednisone 5 to 7.5 mg when I began. In September of 2002 my platelet count jumped up to 233K. I stopped taking Prednisone October 2002. I am delighted to let you know that I have been in remission and off of Prednisone for a year. Presently my platelet count is in the range between 230K and 260K.

Thank you for giving me such a terrific alternative program for my ITP. I truly appreciate it.

- - L. B., Dallas, TX

I use the Blood Well and Restore Immune II every day. They really have helped me with my ITP. The herbs are very easy to take, they are easy on my tummy and I love them. Plus there are no side effects.

I have taken the herbal formulas to my acupuncturist for his opinion and he said that they are great!

- - JST, New Jersey

After one year of being challenged by ITP, it has been very interesting. My Hemotologists have tried every IV transfusion that they knew about and nothing brought consistent results. Finally, in July they removed my spleen and then came another time of adjustment to my physical body. My platelets went from 6K (11/2) up to 750K (7/3) after surgery and on (12/01/01) my count was in the normal range 312K. Every week I was tested and monitored. However, I was still on Prednisone at this time.

In August 2003, I began the Get Well herbal program; it is now February 2004, and my platelet count is 500K. I am doing great, and I am no longer on Prednisone.

- - - - D. B., Upland, CA

I was diagnosed with ITP on March 28, 2002, with a count of 18K platelets, and after several months taking Prednisone still the platelets were not stabilized. I heard about Get Well International from a friend who sent me an email with someone’s testimonial regarding the herbs they took with success. Soon I started taking the herbs, at the same time I was getting off from the Prednisone, but also taking the WinRho.

It has been almost two years and my last shot of WinRho was in October 2003 and finally, thanks to the herbs my platelets are almost in the right range. My last count was 118K.

- - G. D. Miami, FL

I was diagnosed with ITP in November 2003 and my platelet count was 2K then. I was put on 80 mg of Prednisone for two months and now I have tapered down to 5 mg. I have been treated with IVIG and Rituxin and was not responsive to either one. My platelet count ranged from 10-15K

found out about two herbal formulas called Blood Well and Restore Immune II about a month ago. Since then my platelet count has gone from 24K to 60K steadily. I am very happy with the result. I am now confident that my count will continue to rise and hopefully it will go into remission. This is such a great alternative to western medicine.

- - T.S. Sacramento, CA

I was diagnosed with ITP in 1993. I found the ITP People group on the internet and found comfort with people who had something similar to my blood disorder. I learned of Get Well International’s herbal formula from this site.

In 2002 my doctor at City of Hope medical hospital diagnosed me with ITP and I knew I would try Get Well International’s herbs. I was taking Prednisone when I started the herbs in July 2002 and I started a slow decrease in Prednisone until Dec. 2002. I then stopped the Prednisone and I was fine. I did not crash and I was thrilled beyond words. I have been a year without Prednisone and I am doing great with my platelet count at 178K. I am now starting a slow decrease with the herbs. Thank you.

- - C.P., Duarte, CA

Here are a few words to tell you that last Sunday, June 15th, I started the ITP combo and on the 20th, I was scheduled to have WinRho since I had it 5 weeks ago, and it was time to get the next short. To my surprise before getting the shot, I got the blood analysis and my platelets were up to 133K!!! Two weeks before I had a 116K count and normally by this time they would be down around 75K, that is why I prescheduled for WinRho. As you can see it was not necessary this time. I’m very happy with this result.

- - Gladys, NC

I just received my blood test this week and my platelet count is 161K. It has been three months that I have been taking the Blood Well and Restore Immune II. I waited for two months to get another count, as I was tired of doctors and the poking. Imagine my surprise. I could not believe it. This seems like a miracle to me. I have not had a count like this for over a year. This truly has made my life livable, again. Thank you for your help.

B.J., Kennewick, WA

Erin now six years old, was diagnosed with ITP and had platelet counts in the 10 – 15K range when she was three. We saw a variety of doctors with a wide range of approaches (Erin’s mom is a healthcare professional). Today, Erin’s count is consistently normal.

We think that the key to Erin’s recovery (counts in the 150 – 300K range for well over a year) was the use of Get Well International’s ITP herbal combo formula. The herbs worked only after we administered them with 100% consistently twice a day. The dose was half of that of an adult. The Restore-Immune II capsules were put in applesauce and the Blood-Well tablets were made into flavored syrup. On a few occasions we tried to ‘wean’ Erin off of one or the other herbal mixture or to reduce both. On every occasion, except the last, her count dropped. After almost 18 months on the herbs, Erin got a bad sinus infection. While she was taking the antibiotics and other meds, we stopped the herbs entirely. Her count has not dropped in the past several months since we stopped the herbs.

In addition to the herbs, we used the following changes during Erin’s recovery: More vegetables, less sugar, avoidance of allergens, a daily effort at stress reduction, and positive thinking about our eventual success.

We are not sure if we were lucky or just able to put together the right combination of factors – it was probably both, but we would recommend this approach to parents of ITP kids

- - Erin’s Parents, AZ

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura. I was put on 80 mg of prednisone, which very slowly brought my counts up. It took me six weeks on prednisone to get up to 90K platelets, a safe but not yet normal level. The side effects of the prednisone were horrible. After a few months, I relapsed and had to go back on the prednisone. It was up and down with the prednisone for over a year. Then I started Get Well International's herbs. After three weeks on the herbs, my counts again dropped and I went back on the prednisone. However, this time, my counts shot up to 145K platelets after only three days on prednisone, so my hematologists, to my surprise, told me to stop taking it. Now with the herbs, my counts just kept getting higher and higher. I've been fine for a year and a half with only the herbs and a stress relieving Chinese moving meditation. I think the meditation and the herbs work together. If I start to get symptoms of low counts, I just double up on the herbs, and my bruises disappear. I've been taking them for over a year now, and will probably continue because I know they work incredibly well for me. I'd take them for the rest of my life if I had to, because there are no side effects.

- - Molly P., WA

I had a blood test today because I was wondering where I was…it's hard going a month without knowing. My platelets are at 675,000. My red count was 4.4, and my white was 3.61. I can't tell you how grateful I am to Get Well International and their herbs! I have had a few people call and email me about your herbal formulas … I pray they will have some of my success. Thanks again.

- - Grant

We did a finger prick CBC for our son last Saturday and his platelet count is 258K. We are very pleased with the result.

We'll be doing the next count in 3-months time. Thank you

- - Y.Z

In 1985 I had fallen off a ladder and found myself in the hospital. At that time I was diagnosed with ITP with platelet counts at 53K and was put on Prednisone. Even though I was put on prednisone throughout the years from 1985 to 1999 … my platelets went up and down … ranging from 2K to 126K. Remained on prednisone, was given pneurmacockal immunization. In 1997 my doctor convinced me to have my spleen taken out. My platelets went up to 126K after surgery. In 1998 my platelets were down to 8K. They tested to see if my spleen grew back - it did not. The doctor then wanted to give me chemo.

I went to visit a specialist in Portland, Oregon. The doctor found out that my counts were really low, but my platelets are healthy ones; however, I had a lot of petechia inside my mouth.

In January 2001, I needed knee surgery. Doctor didn't know what ITP was … but he would not operate until my platelets would come up and the Oncologist would O.K. surgery. Took mega dose of dexamethoazone and my platelets went to 24K; however my petechia came back with a vengence. I had my knee surgery April 25th, 2001.

I was continuously investigating … I found a company by the name of Get Well International and began using their herbal formula called Restore Immune II. By October 2001 my platelets went up to 21K and by January 2002 they had gone to 31K.

When I bump myself now, I do not bruise. My capillaries are stronger; if I would scratch myself before it would last for weeks … I now heal quickly. Presently I am very active on my farm and feel great!

- - Michael B, OR

My name is Robert. I emailed you in October last year. At the time, I informed you that my platelet count that was 49,000 had risen to 70,000 after only 11 days on your Blood-Well herbs. I have continued taking the herbs for 3 months and my platelet count is now 90,000...the highest count in the last 2 years. Needless to say, both my physician and I were thrilled. Thank you for your continued help.

- - Robert Botto

With all your help, I am doing much better. I just got done with my bone marrow biopsy and it was found normal. My doctor says I am doing great with my platelet counts around 90's and 100's without Prednisone and only your herbs. Thank you for all your support.

- - Kimmi Hnath

I've taken Get Well International's herbs one full-year as of last October. My last CBC checked out as 238K and now I'm on Ester C and other vitamins. I feel great these days and work out every day.

- - Kim

When I was 15, my platelets were about 30,000 and I was bruising all the time. After doing Prednisone and IVGG's, I was a little better, but kept bruising. However after 6 months on Get Well's herbal formula, my platelets began to increase. After a year, my platelets were 250,000 and I have remained at that amount since then. It has been 4 years since this all began, I am so thankful.

- - Sylvia Tran

I have been taking the Get Well International herbal formulas since December 20TH, 2001. I was on prednisone and had just finished IVIG when I started them. No movement of the plates with either drug. At the time my platelets would not go above 3K with only bruising and a few small blood blisters. I have been off prednisone as of January 7th and my platelets have been hovering around 140K and were up last week to 196K. The Get Well International formula is the only thing I am taking other than the usual Vit C, B, etc. So I've had good results.

- - Sandy

I have severe ITP and have undergone years of treatment and finally had a spleenectomy. My platelets were at 29K three weeks ago. I found your information under ITP clinical trials and ordered the ITP combo. Today my platelets are 185K. Thank you.

- - R.F., AZ

I started taking the herbs at Get Well International for my ITP about a year and a half ago. My platelets were about 20K and I had horrible bruising all over my body. My doctor said prednisone has only helped 20% of people with ITP and my spleen, which was healthy, only gave me a 50% chance of help if I had it removed.

I was lucky to find Get Well International and started their herbs. In about 90 days my platelets started going up and my bruising diminished. I am now at 131K and feel well and have no symptoms. My doctor is amazed at my numbers. I even had surgery in September without fear because all my numbers were in order.

I would recommend those with ITP try the herbs because they do not have the side effects of the drugs and in my case have been very successful.

- - Mary T., CA

We received your ITP pack on January 18th and started our son immediately on them.

He was already taking Noni, 1000 mg per day, Vitamin C, calcium and multi-vitamins. He has not taken any prednisone since October 1st. (264K) On December 10th (24K), December 23rd (started Noni, Vit. C and Multi.) January 9th (11K) and January 17 (13K).

Today is January 27th and his platelet count is (104K). Have you ever had this quick a result before? We have also cleaned up his diet

-- M. T., Bristol, CT

In September 1999 I went for a checkup at Kaiser Permanente. My physician noticed many bruises. (I was aware of many bruises in the previous six months but I did not consider them serious enough to consult a physician.) She suggested I get a complete blood count (CBC) that afternoon. The following morning a hematologist called to arrange hospitalization due to a low blood platelet count (8K). I received IVIg and Prednisone (60 mg) for three days and returned home with 120K platelet count. I continued the Prednisone (60 mg) and tolerated CBC's weekly. A week later my count was 190K; the following week it dropped to 97K. My count fluctuated over a wide range, but generally up, as I tried Danazol; unfortunately my liver objected to it, so I had to stop taking the medication.

Apparently due to the high dose of Prednisone I continued to take I developed a serious osteoporosis condition. To try to rectify the osteoporosis I tapered off the high dose of Prednisone. I did considerable research to learn more about ITP. I carefully read ITP: A Practical Guideline for the American Society of Hematology as I looked for other options. I tried one of the many possible treatments discussed there: ascorbic acid (vitamin C). It seemed to help for about three months as my platelets increased remarkably, then the platelets slowly declined as I continued to taper off of Prednisone. Soon my hematologist recommended a splenectomy. I continued to seek an alternative to that classic therapy. Finally, I searched until I found ITP People on the Internet. This was most helpful in learning about the disorder. I read the short stories and focused on Leonar's Cure who had success with Get Well's herbal products.

Eventually I contacted Get Well International, in San Jose. I was very impressed by their ITP experience and decided to try the herbs. I first tried the capsules, while still tapering off of Prednisone. My platelet count dropped regularly as I reduced Prednisone; my hematologist became increasingly concerned and reminded me of the splenectomy option. So, after several weeks of IVIg treatments and even a dose of Vincristine (chemotherapy), I had resigned my self to surgery. My Dr. said there would be no side effects with the Vincristine, however, I had experienced extreme head pain for three days and numb fingers for several months. For approximately 12 months I took the herbs twice daily, before meals. At the start of taking the herbs, my platelet count dropped from 81K to 8K over several months and gradually increased 2K for the next couple months, subsequently 13-21K and the past two months my platelets leaped by 126K. I experienced no side effects. This was a great relief considering the many side effects of glucocorticoids I experienced in the traditional medications and treatments.

- - Beverly, CA

I was 22 when they found my platelet count was down. They were at 128,000 to 99,000, which produced no physical effects. By October 1998 they were at 9,000 only to drop to 1,000 in the 5 days I was hospitalized. They started prednisone, some other steroid, IVIG infusion twice and finally the rhogam injection that brought to a "safe" 22,000. I was convinced a spleenectomy was the only solution. One month later after the spleenectomy, I was up to 200,000. Two weeks later it started to drop again. I started to drink herbal tea to cope with the prednisone side effects. I was drinking about 11 cups of tea a day. The prednisone kept the platelets up but when I tried to decrease the dosage my platelets went with it. Finally, my only choice was chemotherapy or experimental procedures. My father did research and found Get Well International and I started taking the herbs. My platelets increased by 10,000 even after weaning myself from the prednisone. May '99 - my platelets were 70,000. The last prednisone was June 2. Now on July 1999 my platelets are 258,000.

- - Leonar Aguirre

Dear Get Well International, my name is Robert. I e-mailed you in October last year. At the time, I informed you that my platelet count that was 49,000 had risen to 70,000 after only 11 days on your Blood-Well tablets. I have been taking the tablets for 3 more months, and my platelet count is now 90,000...the highest count in the last 2 years. Needless to say, both my physician and I were thrilled. Thank you for your continued help.

- - Robert Botto

Get Well International, as you know, I have been taking Blood Well and Restore-Immune II for approximately 3 months. My last platelet count was 215K. Let us pray that it remains at those levels. I certainly do thank you for the help I am getting. Respectfully,

- - Paul Hurt

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