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There is a natural, herbal solution for:

Blood Platelet Disorders such as:

  • ITP
  • Low Platelets
  • Un-controllable bleeding
  • Easy Bruising
  • Blood Blisters
  • Other low platelet symptoms

Herbs Treatment Can Stop Platelet Destruction, Stop Bruising, Petechia and Fatigue!

Here are the answers to your TOP 5 most often asked questions:

Who is Healthy Living Solutions?

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Healthy Living Solutions was created to provide safe and effective herbal supplements to clients worldwide. By combining the technological advancements of modern western medicine with the natural healing methodologies and herbs used for thousands of years in eastern medical practice, HLS is able to offer relief to those suffering from blood deficiencies and/or immune system diseases. The idea to jump into this field of endeavor was motivated by friends and family. For years we had watched in frustration as many of their health concerns (some extremely serious)  were unable to be effectively treated by methods employed by modern western medicine.  An extremely unique synergy has been created by the partnership formed between our founders and our team of medical experts; and a dynamic team has been assembled, fully dedicated to addressing the root causes of blood-related ailments and curing their symptoms.
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What makes the HLS solution different?

The Healthy Living Solution embraces a broader overview than many other approaches to healthy blood cell production and balance. We prefer to look at any blood or immune system breakdown as a imbalance that needs to be treated as it relates to the whole body. And it is with this philosophy that HLS has created a group of herbal treatments that will:

  • Improve the body’s immune function
  • Improve blood platelet quality
  • Improve endothelian integrity (Endothelin, known as ET, is the critical component of disease progression certain pulmonary dysfunctions involving the constriction of blood vessels)

A return to healthy levels of normal platelet production can be achieved with the aid of natural healing agents, in the form of herbs made available by HLS. Our goal is to help your system return to a balanced state by:

  • Eliminating the possibility of disease maintaining elements
  • Strengthening the immune function which prevents excessive platelet destruction and other destructive triggering mechanisms.

What is the history behind this treatment option?

This specific type of herbal treatment was introduced here on the United States 30 years ago. At that time, traditional western medicine was having no success in the treatment of blood platelet disorders or malfunctions. Research had hit a brick wall. Ba Hoang, MD, PhD, (an expert in pediatrics and clinical immunology) and his family of doctors and master herbalists paved the way for a new solution to an ancient medical problem. Their 45 previous years of experience had seen positive patient results with their herbal treatment discoveries. Hoang and his group used carefully designed herbal remedies that allowed the patient to return to his or her natural state of balance without the harmful and side effect-ridden traditional medication approach.
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What is involved in the herbal treatments?

Decades of extensive research has shown that improving the body’s overall immune function is crucial in preventing blood platelet defects. We offer two formulas which include the best-known herbs to detoxify, repair, and rejuvenate the immune system on a cellular level: Blood-Well and Restore-Immune II.  We have selected herbs such as eclipta, alisma, astragalaus, ophiopogonis, dioscorea, rehmannia, and bamboo juice to be the catalysts in the process of returning the body to proper balance.  Discernable results may not be seen for several months as it takes time for restoration to take place. For individuals who have been on steroids or who may have other immune-related diseases such as lupus, it may take longer than usual. The dosage may also have to be increased.

How important is your blood platelet count?

Western medical experts have historically concurred that a healthy platelet count should be between 150,000 and 400,000 platelets. We do not put nearly as much emphasis on platelet count as we do on symptom management.  Through numerous case studies, our doctors have observed patient after patient leading a very comfortable, symptom free life with  a 70-80k  platelet count.  Adequate platelet number is undeniably a factor. However, what is most important is that all the platelets existing are healthy and completely functional.

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